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Setting Standards for Professional Health Care Services

In Ambulance transport, MIH, and Special Needs Services,


win City MIH Epertise: It’s our mission to provide expedient, reliable, cost-efficient Advance Life Support ambulance service, Mobile Integrated Health Service and affordable specialized medical transportation to the citizens of the Virgin Islands. In pursuit of this goal, we pledge to furnish superior, quality equipment, vehicles and personal service, dedicated to the needs and demands of both the public and the local health care agencies.

Advance, Basic & Critical Care Ambulance Transportion

Twin City Care Life Support Ambulance

As a non-profit, our goal is delivering service in a manner that sets the standard for professional, compassionate, cost effective and safety-oriented ALS, BLS, and CCT ambulance.
Through our employees, our peers, network of healthcare professionals and patients, we understand that we're not making connections for a moment, “Twin City makes connections for life”.

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For Today, the Future, and Our Community. Twin City Mobile Integrated Health Makes Connections for Life

Twin City life support

Advance Life Support Ambulance

ALS care is provided by Advance EMTs and Paramedics who are licensed in pre-hospital care, having qualifications and equipment to provide BLS capabilities.

In-Home care

"Called to Care" In-Home  Service

TCMIH "Called to Care" program brings healthcare to your door. In-Home patient services that provide transitional primary care to seniors on Medicare and select Medicare Advantage plans

Twin City specialized transport

Ambulatory & Dialysis Support 

Specialized medical transport teams, working with agencies such as law enforcement, mental healthcare providers, dialysis centers, emergency rooms & nursing facilities ensuring safe, efficient, dignified transport.

Twin City communication center

24-hour Communication Center

TCC staffs a dispatch center with dispatchers who are professional, caring and multi-task oriented. They are responsible for making sure all requests for service are handled in a prompt and courteous manner.

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Twin City Care Ambulance

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