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Professional ambulance service
Our Expertise: Advance Life Support & Mobile Integrated Services

Delivering services that sets the standard for compassionate, professional, cost effective and safety-oriented ALS ambulance. Specialized ambulance assistance with mobile integrated health services and training. We're not making connections for a moment, “Twin City MIH makes connections for life”. We work with agencies such as law enforcement, mental healthcare providers, dialysis centers, emergency rooms & nursing facilities to ensure safe, efficient, dignified medical ambulance service.

Providing a range of services

  • Non 911 calls

  • Coordinating and dispatching Twin City MIH's ambulances.

  • Providing interventions on the scene for seriously ill patients and urgent ambulatory service to the hospital.

  • Multidisciplinary response teams e.g., EMT, future mental health professional to those in mental health crisis or courtesy-led response vehicles.

  • See and treat – when a person does not require hospital care but instead an EMT which could be in someone’s home or the community!

  • Hospital ambulance services to help with hospital transfers and discharges.

  • Herbert Gregg ambulance service of elders to meet scheduled doctors' visits.

  • We are also commissioned to provide Dialysis ambulance services making it possible to meet appointments at any center.

Our challenge for the U.S. Virgin Islands is shifting public perception and to increase understanding of the important role ambulance services play as a front door to health care systems, and referring frequent and vulnerable patients to important services that delivers treatment and care.

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Ambulance Twin City Care VI

With Twin City MIH it's not all about Emergencies 

  • Administering ambulance services to patients for arranged hospital admissions and to hospital outpatient services.

  • Transfers patients between hospitals or from hospital to home.

  • Assists Police and Fire and Emergency services by providing medical cover in emergency situations when requested.

  • Future Arrangement and crews air ambulance flights

  • Monitors Juan Luis Medical Center Alarms and respond

  • Providing ambulatory transport services to 100% of Virgin Islanders with expanded coverage on St. Thomas coming 2024.

Called to Care Initiative
The Called to Care Initiative

Our vision is addressing key healthcare and telecom challenges in the U.S. Virgin Islands and communities through innovation and knowledge-sharing partnerships. Our engine’s purpose is creating regionally scaled ecosystems across Virgin Islands Territories, spur economic growth, and maintain national competitiveness by carrying out fully intensive, integrated, and comprehensive solution-based medical activities which include-inspired and practical research, technology advancements, and workforce development to deliver an accelerated industry that sets the standard for generations to come.

Current in-home medical services by physicians to their patients in the U.S. territories are not structured for chronic care visits, not to mention non-existent skilled nursing facilities by CMS standards within the territory. Our initiative aims to incorporate social, technical roles and functions with remote access to medical care, allowing healthcare professionals to reach more people. As the rest of the world makes advances in healthcare, the USVI cannot remain behind. Our engine’s initiative is developing the current and incoming workforce and providing services that exceed current standards. We intend to do this by addressing key areas in healthcare and telecom through innovation, building knowledge-sharing partnerships, enabling human capital and driving economic growth. 

Partner Networking

Called to Care is forming an inclusive core partner network of doctors, telecommunications carrier(s), government health care facility(s), Department of Human Services, organizations, private physicians, and JFL who will be participants of this initiative. Expand health care services, promote and start new field industry entrepreneurships, create new and future jobs, make public relations a priority through outreach programs.

This includes In-Home Healthcare which we'll work to coordinate and conduct nationally accredited, and certified training courses for: Wound Care Technicians, Behavioral Health Technicians, Community Para Medicine Technicians, (GEMS) Geriatric Emergency Medical Science and Services Research, Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support, and Certified EKG Technicians. The Called to Care Initiative aligns employer needs, training, and skills development to enable adults, dislocated workers, and youths to improve employability and thrive.

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