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Training New Generations of EMR's. 

 EMR's gain the basic knowledge and skills to triage patients, assess and stabilize patients during medical emergencies and assist in life-threatening conditions.

American Heart Association

EMR training from Twin City Mobile Integrated Health comes with the latest in science-based information and techniques. Our training is led by knowledgeable instructors with years of experience in the prehospital setting who understands the field work and can help you work through situations you might find difficult or otherwise uncomfortable.

Emergency Medical Responder
Emergency Medical Responder

Not everyone learns in the same way, our instructors are adept at explaining different concepts in a variety of ways. So, in-person classes are eventful, you learn better in an open fun environment, we offer EMR training coupled with an online format. By selecting our training courses, we prepare you for your future in the emergency medical field. 

EMT certification

Air way intubation
Expert Training, AHA Guidelines

EMR training covers a wide range of subjects, such as performing primary assessments, CPR, AED use, airway ventilation for infants, children, adults, medical and trauma emergencies, EMS operations, interventions. enrichment modules, training in anaphylaxis and asthma, epinephrine auto-injectors, back boarding techniques, c-collar and more.

Taking the class

Experience Current Ongoing Classes

Put yourself in the adventure of becoming an emergency medical responder or technician. It starts with EMR school. We're excited to share this experience with you as students embark on an educational ride where they become! armed with the knowledge and skills we’ve given as well as awesome tools and resources in becoming the very best and boldest EMR's.

EMT Certification

NRP/USVI PMD/ EMETS Educational Coordinator- St. Croix Office

​"For over 20 years Jerry Galloway has served as the EMS Educational Coordinator in St. Croix USVI. We are ever so proud to have him on our team!"

How does the process work?


  1. Complete the Didactic Portion Online

         Work at your own pace! The student has six months from

         the day they start to complete all aspects of the course. The

         student will spend 140 hours completing the didactic portion

         online at their own pace.

   2. Complete the Hands-On Skills Training Sessions

         Each student will complete skills practice days and on-line

         Skills Testing Day. These days are posted in advance to

         accommodate our students' schedules.

Jerry Galloway

Individual certifications help advance careers and commitments while building toward an advanced system of care for patients

The EMT/EMR Basic course is designed to train individuals in the knowledge and skills required to complete the National Registry EMT examination and to achieve certification as an Emergency Medical Technician.

Our goal is teaching the best classes in the U.S. Virgin Islands and surrounding areas and delivering the highest quality of BLS, ACLS, EKG and PALS courses that will prepare local providers to be responsible for the care of patients in emergency and trauma cases.


TCMIH instructors have over 50 years of real-life medical emergency experience and have managed many code blue scenarios and situations.

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