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Twin City Care Mobile Integrated Health


Providing Factions of Care. Mobile Concierge Service.

What is Mobile Integrated Health (MIH)? Back to home care visits by expanding the doctor's office visit. MIH is a patient-centered, mobile resource out-of-hospital environment service. Components include traditional Twin City Mobile Integrated Health (TCMIH) responses, extending treatments, community in-home assessments EMT/paramedics, and alternate destination/ER diversion.


TCMIH approach aims to deliver higher quality and more cost-effective in-home medical care by coordinating and consulting with local physicians who consults on patient care through mutual agreements including assisting patients take better care of themselves in their own homes. Our "Integrated healthcare delivery system,” works with distinct healthcare delivery entities like hospitals, physician groups, and primary care doctors.

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The Benefits of Mobile Integrated Health?

Twin City MIH approach delivers benefits along numerous healthcare spectrums for payers, patients and also providers

Reduces Unnecessary ER Visits: Virgin Islands hospital Emergency are chronically overcrowded and overburdened. Ideally, only the most severe cases needing immediate emergency care end up in ER beds. Unfortunately, statistics show that a larger number of those visits among patients with common chronic conditions are potentially unnecessary, leading to large sums in additional costs. Additionally, mental health-related issues or non-life-threatening issues could be redirected to other local facilities. Patients can receive more appropriate care in a timely fashion, rather than sitting in the ER waiting for help or referral.

Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates: Patients with chronic conditions, or those sent home after a procedure, can benefit from community MIH and TCMIH mobile concierge service to improve their health and wellness at home. From follow-up visits and appointment calls to assistance with meeting schedules, EMT's/paramedics can ensure that patients and their families understand discharge instructions and are prepared to follow them correctly. Additionally, we can offer observations from a patient’s home and lifestyle – a perspective physicians typically do not have - that provide clues into readmission causes.

Saving Time and Money: While health care providers desire the best outcome for their patients, it’s undeniable they are trained specifically to deliver care for defined needs. Examining and caring for a patient that will need to be sent elsewhere – or one that requires ongoing help rather than emergency services, for example – does little but waste a patients and provider's time. Getting the right care at the right time and facility is more efficient for all involved. Also, leveraging the perspective of EMS (Emergency Medical Services) agency onsite is invaluable in these efforts. By allowing EMTs and paramedics to make recommendations can literally save millions of dollars in expensive ER visits, transports, and not to mention consultations.

Can Assist in a Pandemic or Natural Disaster: Never before has the value of MIH been more apparent especially in the fight against COVID-19. Patients at home begin to experience symptoms and are understandably scared and confused. They call 9-1-1, not knowing what next steps to take to preserve their own health and avoid spreading to others. Same for Hurricanes or increment weather conditions. Rather than transporting dozens or hundreds of potential cases to the ER, MIH/Twin City Care can assist in providing more effective call screening, in-home testing, mobile phlebotomy, even medical counseling and monitoring to ensure that only the most severe cases end up in the ER based on genuine need. This not only lightens the load on emergency rooms, but on 911 calls that otherwise would tie up emergency services and providers which in turn reduces the number of people sitting in an ER bed.

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